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Palestinian Human Rights Defenders' Declaration Draft (PHRDD)

On 16 December 2015, the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Network submitted the final draft of the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Declration of Rights (PHRDD) in Arabic to the office of the Legal Advisor to the Presidential Office, Mr. Hassan Al-Awri. On 29 December, Musawa re-sent the proposal with a memo requesting an update on steps taken to address the demands and recommendations outlined in the PHRDD draft. In 2016, the PHRD network plans to forma coalition to lobby for the adoption of the PHRDD. A formal campaign will be launched with TV and radio interviews to raise awareness of the importance of the draft declaration and mobilise the general public and HRDs in partiuclar to push for its adoption at the national level. 

Below is an extract from the first draft in English. The final draft will be tranlated and uploaded to the website within the next month: 

Although many organisations working to promote and protect human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt) have adopted the UN declaration on Human Rights Defenders, the standards outlined therein have yet to be formally agreed upon by duty bearers.[1] The situation for human rights defenders (henceforth referred to as HRDs) in the Palestinian Territories remains volatile and insecure. HRDs are frequently exposed to danger and threat of danger, both from the Israeli and the Palestinian authorities and too often lack recourse to protection. Palestinian HRDs have been subjected to harassment, beatings, torture, arbitrary arrest and extrajudicial execution by the Israeli authorities. Palestinian HRDs have also faced harassment, assault and arbitrarily arrest by the Palestinian authorities, and their work promoting and protecting human rights has been impeded as a result.

In light of these ongoing violations, and taking into account the unique context in which Palestinian HRDs carry out their work as citizens of a state under military occupation, the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Network sees the need for a Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Declaration (PHRDD) in order to address the complexity of the Palestinian situation and which is compatible with the UN declaration on human rights defenders, the EU guidelines on human rights defenders and other relevant international standards and conventions. The PHRDD is designed to guide duty bearers in their approach to HRDs, as well as to clarify the role of Palestinian HRDs at the national and international levels. 

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[1] Agents and organs of the Palestinian National Authority, including: the police, the security services, the Ministry of Justice and the Palestinian Legislative Council.

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Dear PHRD, I hope this message finds you well, kindly, tell me more about this network , I am interested in being involved in it, since our organization mandate and work is in the same line. please drop an email to me or gove me a call on my Jawwal 05
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Thank you for your interest, i don't find your jawwal number here, please contact me Email: Mobile: 0595995574 Regards
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