Palestinian Human Rights Defenders

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MUSAWA and PHRDs Organizes 4 Legal Encounters on Palestinian Labor Law No. (7) Of 2000

Aiming at spreading the legal culture; building the legal capacities of law students; introducing the students to the existence and importance of the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Network (PHRDs); disseminating the Network’s goals and mission in order to include new individuals and institutions as members; and keeping law students up-to-date with regard to the current laws and enabling them of realizing the legal tools and mechanisms available for rights-holders and duty-bearers to protect their rights and fulfil their duties, MUSAWA and the PHRDs Network held 4 legal encounters in cooperation with the faculty of law at Al-Azhar University in Gaza. While the first three encounters included a theoretical as well as practical elaboration of the provisions of the Palestinian Labor Law No. (7) For 2000, the fourth encounter was allocated for a moot court on a labor dispute. The 4 encounters were held in the faculty of law at Al-Azhar University in Gaza, targeting 22 students, 8 of which were females.

The encounters were facilitated by lawyers Mohammad Al-Loh, Khalil Shahin and Kawthar Sider, all members of the PHRDs Network. During their lecturers, the facilitators referred to the Palestinian Basic Law, the Palestinian Labor Law No. (7) For 2000 and the relevant executive regulations, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the International Declaration of Human Rights.

At the end, participants gave the following recommendations: it is important to hold training courses in different legal fields in order to enhance the capacities of law students in Palestinian universities, raise legal awareness among male and female workers to enable them of claiming their rights and introduce them to the legal tools available for them to defend these rights, activate the role of inspection departments at the Ministry of Labor, allocate labor courts, find a fund specialized for assisting unemployed workers and seek centers specialized in announcing job vacancies.

These encounters come as part of a project to empower Palestinian human rights defenders, carried-out by MUSAWA in both the West Bank and Gaza, with the support of the European Union.