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International Human Rights Day 2015

On 10 December 2015, The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession - MUSAWA, in cooperation with the Palestinian HRDs Network, participated in a public rally calling for the protection of Palestinian journalists as part of the activities carried out to mark International Human Rights Day. 

According to statistics from journalistic watchdog, 'Reporters Without Borders', the occupied Palestinian territories was the second most deadly place on earth for journalists in 2014, following Syria, after 66 journalists were killed by Israeli forces in 2014. 2015 likewise saw sustained attacks against Palestinian journalists covering Israeli abuses of Paletsinians' human rights. 

Alarmed by this spike in attacks against Palestinian journalists and concerned by a lack of protection, Press House Palestine - a member of the Palestinian HRD network, organised a public rally in support of Palestinian journalists who risk their lives to deliver to the world, images of their ongoing suffering under siege and blockade. The HRD network was invited to attend the rally and showed out in numbers to condemn crimes committed against their fellow HRDs. 

Protesters held banners that read in English and in Arabic: "We are asking to provide protection for Palestinian journalists" with images of several of the 66 journalists who were shot dead in 2014, suspended in the background as a mark of respect. For 2016, the HRD network is planning to carryout a campaign building on this rally, calling for the international community to provide protection to Palestinian journalists and the lawyers who defend them, as human rights defenders whose work is vital to reinforcing human rights and fundamental freedoms in Palestine. 

This activity is part of the Palstinian HRDs project executed by MUSAWA in the West Bank and Gaza and funded by the EU. 


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