Palestinian Human Rights Defenders

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Elections and the Right of Citizens to Choose their Representatives

A workshop under the title of “Elections and the Right of Citizens to Choose their Representatives” was conducted by MUSAWA and the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders (PHRDs) Network in the village of Raboud in Hebron. The workshop was held at Raboud’s Youth Center, and it was attended by 28 participants, 17 of whom were females.

Community activist Haya Abu-Mukaddam, a member of the PHRDs Network, presented the topics of the discussion, which are relevant to the elections, democracy, electoral rolls, the voting process, the penalty for buying votes, and the distribution of seats.

At the end of the workshop, participants recommended that more workshops about electoral monitoring be held, in addition to workshops on human rights in general and inheritance rights in particular. They also stressed the importance of involving all community groups in workshops of this kind, especially university students.

This workshop comes as part of a project to empower Palestinian human rights defenders, conducted by MUSAWA both in the West Bank and Gaza, and supported by the EU.