Palestinian Human Rights Defenders

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a workshop, titled: Womens Rights in the Alimony Fund

Aiming at eliminating gender-based discrimination by supporting marginalized groups and encouraging them to demand their right to alimony, spreading the culture of human rights in marginalized regions and communities, introducing the community to the existence and importance of the Palestinian Human Rights Defenders Network (PHRDs), disseminating its goals and mission in order to include new individuals and institutions as members, raising legal awareness, and enabling community groups to defend their rights and realize the legal tools and mechanisms available to protect these rights, MUSAWA organized a workshop under the title of “Women’s Rights in the Alimony Fund”, in cooperation with the PHRDs Network. The workshop was held at Qasr Jarrar in Birqeen, and targeted 20 female participants from the village.

The lecturers included lawyers Maysam Samoudi, Fadya Zakarnah, and Ramz Abu-Salamah, all members of the PHRDs Network.

The workshop addressed various topics: the definition of alimony, the groups that have the right to alimony according to the Jordanian Personal Status Law for 1976, types of alimony, the documents that the applicant should bring in order to benefit from the alimony fund. Also, information on the alimony fund law was displayed during the workshop, and brochures related to alimony fund were distributed to participants so that they can easily retrieve relevant information whenever they need to.

At the end of the workshop, participants gave the following recommendations: expand awareness workshops in marginalized areas, specialize workshops for males to introduce them to their rights and duties regarding providing for their families, network with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to encourage it to work on approving international agreements that guarantee the pursuit and extradition of fugitive duty bearers outside the country, which enables the fund to issue their money, address relevant international organizations to provide the necessary support that ensures the fund’s sustainability.

This workshop comes as part of a project to empower human rights defenders, carried out by MUSAWA in both the West Bank and Gaza, with the support of the European Union.