Palestinian Human Rights Defenders

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HRD Manual and Study: "Prospects for Advocacy and Accountability"

Human rights defenders (HRD) in Palestine experience a variety of restrictions, abuses and limitations on their work, resulting from deficiencies in the laws intended to protect them as individuals and provide special protection to enable them to engage in their work, as well as legal and institutional practice that permits the adoption of restrictions on their work. This report considers the state of protection of human rights defenders in Palestine focusing on their treatment and protection by the Palestinian authorities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and the free speech restrictions and punishment of dissent that are embedded in deficient legal and institutional practices.[1] Palestinian HRD’s face spurious charges, arbitrary arrest, prolonged pre-trial detention and regular harassment for their work by governing bodies and private actors alike.

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[1] Namely, allegations of mistreatment during arrest and detention, including torture, suppression of demonstrations and political groups; Human Rights Watch, World Report 2015: Israel/Palestine, (accessed 10 April 2015).


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